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The Michigan Gaming Newsletter is an e-mail publication established in 1994, that objectively reports significant happenings in the Michigan gaming industry within hours of their occurrence.

Each newsletter is also posted on the The Michigan Gaming Web site on the day of publication.

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Regulatory Management Counselors, P.C., authors of The Michigan Gaming Newsletter, have developed a daily email distribution entitled RMC Daily Gaming News Feed. The Daily News Feed delivers Michigan and gaming-industry specific news links directly to you each weekday morning.

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Other Media / Publications

RMC's Gaming Analyst Robert Russell and Attorneys David Waddell, Dustin Ford, and Blaine DeGracia are often quoted by industry, national and local media publications on issues impacting the casino gaming industry. RMC's professionals also contribute to the weekly published Michigan Gaming Newsletter, to obtain a copy of the current Newsletter click here.

Below are recent industry articles and presentations produced by Regulatory Management Counselors:

Will sports wagering expand in the United States?" Global Gaming Business Magazine, Volume 11, No. 5, May, 2012

"The Local Gaming Experts" The Greater Lansing Business Monthly (November, 2011)

Casino City Press Partners with RMC Legal to Expand Gaming Vendor Licensing Resource (July 5, 2011)

Webinar Presentation: Is Your Compliance Process Ready for 2011? Post G2E Casino Bsa/FinCEN/IRS Compliance Round-Up (December 2, 2010)

The Increasing Federal Regulation of Casinos: What a Casino Compliance Team Needs to Know, Gaming Law Review and Economics, Volume 14, Number 8 (November, 2010)

Webinar Presentation: Is Your Compliance Process Ready for 2011? Casino BSA/FinCEN/IRS Compliance Update (October 28, 2010)

Compliance Alert: Key Issues for 2010: Part I - IV Online Webinar Series: Are you Prepared for BSA, OFAC and FACTA? (Spring, 2010)

Click Here to Download Series I of the Webinar Presentation
Click Here to Download Series II of the Webinar Presentation
Click Here to Download Series III of the Webinar Presentation
Click Here to Download Series IV of the Webinar Presentation

"The Local Gaming Experts," The Greater Lansing Business Monthly, November, 2011

"Red Flags: Protecting customer accounts from Identity Fraud, Is your casino compliant?," Global Gaming Business Magazine, Vol. 9 , No. 5, June, 2010

"Motown Milestone" Global Gaming Business Magazine, Vol. 8 , No. 5, June, 2009

"Hail Caesars" Global Gaming Business Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 8, August, 2008

"Why Doesn't Every Casino Have a Sports Book?," Global Gaming Business Magazine, Vol. 7, No., 7, July, 2008

"Know Your Customer: Gaming suppliers must examine every transaction to remain in regulatory compliance" Global Gaming Business. Vol. 7., No. 5, May 2008

"Giving Them Credit: What you should know about Native American casino credit policies" Global Gaming Business, Vol 7., No. 3, March 2008

"Casino Communications: Richard Kalm, Executive Director, Michigan Gaming Control Board" Global Gaming Business. Vol. 7., No. 2, February 2008

"Convergence of the slot machine with the arcade experience" Global Gaming Business. Vol. 6., No. 10, November 2007

"Global... And Legal: Making sure casino promotions and sweepstakes meet multi-jurisdictional legal requirements" Global Gaming Business. Vol. 6., No. 9, September 2007

“Online All the Time?: Online Gaming Act Brings New Opportunities”, Parts 1 and 2, Global Gaming Business, November 2006.

"Privilege or Right: Gaming deserves predicable and reasonable taxation", Global Gaming Business, June 2004

"Native American Casinos: Compacting What?", Global Gaming Business, November 2002

In addition to providing perspective on the industry, they have assisted the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) with the organization of its annual conference agenda as Mr. Russell has been a conference advisory member since 2002. Visit for more information.

Waddell also wrote a casino business column that has been published by The Detroit News from 1998 to 2008, and examined issues related to the gaming industry in Michigan. Click here to view Mr. Waddell's column archives.

If you would like to contact Mr. Russell or Mr. Waddell to schedule an interview or review an industry issue, please contact them at 517.507.3860.